Watch Collecting “State of the Collection”

In a lot of ways, showing a collection can be perceived as boasting (or “flexing” as the kids call it), but I truly find it intriguing to see passionate watch collectors share their collection and more importantly, the journey of filling their watch box. Of course, the “flexing” exists in the watch world too (there are plenty of Instagram photos with Lamborghini steering wheels adorned with six figure watches from manufacturers like Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, etc.). But you can’t let the Ferrari-Phillipe-Flexers (yes, I just made that up) keep you down, there are plenty of watch collectors who speak of their grandfathers watches they’ll never sell, the ones they bought to commemorate major life events like weddings, and the vintage pieces they waited years to find in mint condition.

There are some great venues for watch collecting videos like Hodinkee’s Talking Watches where you’ll hear stories and see watches from people ranging from actors to astronauts (also fame aside, I don’t think there’s a bigger watch nut than John Mayer, who also contributes to the site). I personally search SOTC (state of the collection) all the time on YouTube because I also love viewing modest watch collections from everyday folk that more closely mirror what I’m able to collect (from a financial perspective).

I do YouTube videos to share my passions in positive ways and attempt to share products I enjoy in an unbiased format. For multiple reasons, I don’t want my videos to be super personal or “about me”, but in my latest watch collection video I shared the fact that I sold one of my watches to pay for an expensive roof repair. While it’s not something I’d normally share, I think it’s important to present my watch collection journey truthfully, and viewers to see “hey, this guy loves watches but had to sell one to pay for a roof, and that’s real life for most people – not the Lambo steering wheel with $800k of watches on it.”

With all of that being said, here’s the video I just posted of my Watch “SOTC”. And yes, I know I need a watch box, but that damn roof….

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