Moniker Guitars

moniker guitars

It’s not every day a notable new guitar company comes along. Moniker Guitars is based out of Austin Texas and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch their new line of semi-hollow body electric guitars. Currently you can order customized solid body electric guitars on their website as well as custom pickguards for your existing guitar. If you put your girlfriend’s face on the pickguard, she might not be as upset when you use the rent money to buy one of these sweet sounding (and looking) geeetars.


Robot Dragonfly


One of our Twitter followers told us about a very cool project, the Robot Dragonfly. This insect spy drone project has already raised over $1M on indiegogo (similar to Kickstarter) and originally started as a military grant. When outside, the Robot Dragonfly flies like an actual dragonfly while recording video, and is indistinguishable from real insects – making it perfect for bird watchers, home security, spies, nosey neighbors, and Peeping Tom’s. When paired with a smartphone or tablet, the applications/uses for this secret flying camera are incredibly vast.

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makeblock robotics set

Makeblock is a really cool new Kickstarter project we came across. It’s not just a product, it’s a platform, allowing you to build custom robots with only a screwdriver. With rails, beams, belts, wheels, motors, and sensors – the possibilities are virtually endless. Makeblock is also compatible with other devices such as DC motors and Lego NXT products. They’re even building an app that’ll allow you to control your custom robot from your smartphone.

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Back to the Future Hoverboard


Before you get ridiculously excited, we’ll start by saying – it doesn’t really work. However, Mattel’s replica Hoverboard is a 1:1 scale recreation of the prop Marty McFly used in Back to the Future II, and makes whooshing sounds as it glides over most surfaces (can’t withstand any weight). Mattel worked with the films’ special effects and prop teams to make it as authentic as possible and the board truly mirrors the one seen in the film. On sale for $130 on

Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener

old familiar comb bottle opener kickstarter project

We came across another cool Kickstarter project, the Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener. Pretty simple as invention goes, but it may be the ultimate hipster accessory. Designed by a “beer drinking barber” this stainless steel comb also functions as, you guessed it, a bottle opener. Also check out the JackHawk 9000 Bottle Opening Sunglasses.

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Halex Dartboard Set

Halex 64775 Winsford Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

Just because your mancave doesn’t quite have the space for a pool table, don’t rule out playing bar games altogether. To play darts all you need is a wall and about 8 feet, and of course… a dartboard. This Halex Dartboard Set features an official sized quality bristle dartboard and a wood cabinet with dry erase boards and dart holders on each door. Also includes are six steel tipped darts so you’re ready to roll once you hang it up.

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Andromeda Tactical Lighting

andromeda tactical lighting

The guys from Sketchy Design Studio in Los Angeles gave us a tip on their current Kickstarter project, the Andromeda lamp. This military inspired tactical light features a tri-rail system (utilizes the picatinny rail system used for mounting sights and accessories to firearms) and the legs and arms are fully adjustable. The three shades are also fully adjustable, allowing you to change the design of the lamp to your liking. It’s almost as if Martha Stewart and Rambo did arts & crafts together, and this lamp will certainly light up a bachelor pad in a manly fashion.

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Bonnie and Clyde’s Pistols

bonnie and clyde firearmsYou can now own a piece of criminal history, with the pistols found on infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde when they were ambushed and killed by law enforcement in 1934. Authorities found the Colt snub nosed .38 revolver on Bonnie Parker taped to her thigh with medical tape, and Clyde Barrow’s Colt .45 was removed from his waistband postmortem. Both weapons from the are being auctioned by RR Auction in New Hampshire on Sept. 30, and it’s expected that each can go for $100-$200k. The pistols will likely have the highest bids, but other personal items found on the notorious lovers/bank-robbers will be auctioned as well.

Professional Horseshoes

professional horseshoes

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we love games that you can play while holding a beer. One of the classics of that genre is horseshoes and if you’re going to play, why not make it official? This pair of Gordon professional pitching horseshoes is sanctioned by the NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitching Association) and constructed of forged carbon steel with a powder coat finish. Let the lawn games begin!

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