Things We Bought in 2013


We post all sorts of different stuff on Frachelli and we wish we could have it all. In reality, many of the posts feature things in our dreams, especially the fast cars and hot chicks. However, while it is more fun to think and write about going 185 mph in a Ferrari with a super model – here are some more obtainable items we’ve actually bought ourselves this year (and recommend):

Google Chromecast – $35

The Wolf of Wall Street Book – $11

Game of Thrones Book Set – $30

Ice Ball Ice Molds – $11

G-Shock Red Rescue Watch – $93

Whiskey Ball Ice Molds

A sphere of ice has more volume and less surface area of an ice cube which means it melts slower – which also means you can enjoy your scotch on the rocks longer. The Whiskey Ball Ice Mold creates 2.5″ diameter ice balls perfect for cooling down your favorite beverage, which we’re assuming is alcoholic.

GET IT: $24 (set of 2)