Patriotic American Flag Sunglasses

american flag sunglasses
It’s a little late to order them for USA’s match in the World Cup tonight, but you can still be patriotic in time for the 4th of July with these American Flag Sunglasses. At only $12 for a 4-pack, you can get all ‘Merican with three of your friends in these red white and blue wayfarer style shades for under a Jackson – and unlike authentic Wayfarer’s, you won’t fret much if someone loses a pair during the independence day festivities.

GET IT: $12 (4-Pack)

Unique Shades: Leather Wayfarer and Gold Aviator

ray-ban leather wayfarer
ray-ban aviator solid gold

If you’re looking for some unique shades, we found two new arrivals from Ray-Ban that fit the bill. Sure to out-hip the hippest of hipsters, the ever-popular Wayfarer sunglasses are now available in a leather finish for $300. If you’re feeling more Tony Montana, try the Aviator in Solid Gold. Made with 18k gold frames, they’ll set you back a whopping $3,200. Oh yeah, we never said these were cheap!


Ray-Ban Justin Sunglasses

ray-ban justin sunglasses
Sunglasses season is here and if you want something new for this year, check out the latest Justin Sunglasses by Ray-Ban. Inspired by the classic Wayfarer style, these new shades feature rubberized frames with new gradient finishes in some bold colors. Available on

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer


Now that we’ve implemented daylight savings and the weather is slowly starting to warm up – it’s time to start looking for some new shades. If you’re going to be on the move and need something portable, check out the Folding Wayfarer’s by Ray-Ban. They offer the same classic Wayfarer style but with three folding joints enabling you to reduce them to size of one lens. Shown above with bold orange frames and new “flash lenses” the Folding Wayfarer is also available in more traditional colors as well.

GET IT: $160

Ray-Ban Patchwork Rare Prints

ray-ban rare prints patchwork

Original Ray-Ban Wayfarers are very cool, but if you’re trying to out-hipster the next guy, you may want to grab a pair of the limited edition Rare Print Patchwork Sunglasses. You can rock the plaid pattern all-over your shades or be a bit stealthier with versions that have the pattern on the inside of the frames. $160, $210 for Polarized.

Ray-Ban 4147 Sunglasses

ray-ban 4147P sunglasses

We’ve said it before, we’re big fans of Ray-Bans. We’ve also previously mentioned that we love Wayfarers, but sometimes you need to mix it up. The Ray-Ban 4147 is a slick pair of large and modern shades that still maintain the spirit of the Wayfarer. Lightweight and designed with comfort in mind, these polarized sunglasses will keep you feeling and looking cool this summer.

GET IT: $127 (32% OFF)

Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses

Von Zipper Elmore Polarized SunglassesSpring is in full-effect and summer will be here before you know it. Why not invest in some quality shades for the upcoming sunny season? These Elmore Sunglasses by Von Zipper are inspired by the classic Wayfarer and definitely add a modern attitude. While they are designed to make you look like one of the cool kids rather than for use in physical activity, they do feature impact resistant lenses – which means they can withstand some quality day drinking. Plus they are polarized, so you’ll be able to scan for summer babes glare-free.

GET IT: $140

Ray-Ban Brad Sunglasses

ray-ban brad sunglassesWhile we’re crazy about the classic styles of Ray-Ban, we’re also always eager to see some new models emerge. New for this fall are the Ray-Ban Brad Sunglasses shown above in dark grey frames with grey gradient lenses. The gummy textured frames feature a distinct double brow bridge bar and 100% UV protection. Styled in somewhat of a cross between the Wayfarer and the Aviator, these slick shades will set you back around $109.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer w/ Rubber Finish

A bit smaller than the famous Ray-Ban Wayfarer, the New Wayfarer is an equally stylish set of shades with a tighter fit. While they come in various colors and options, the black rubber version stands out from the crowd with it’s matte finish. Not only do they look cool, but they are extremely light and stay put on your face (even if you’re moving around or sweating). While each of the four pairs of Ray-Ban’s I own all look great, these are definitely the most comfortable.

GET IT: $79 (normally $119)