Crush of the Week | Margot Robbie

margot robbie
Our Crush of the Week is Margot Robbie. In case you’ve been lost at sea or living under a rock, she’s the breakthrough star alongside Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. It was an awesome movie that we highly recommend, and even if you have no interest in seeing it, it’s still 100% worth the ticket price to see her (she’s that friggin’ hot in it). The 23 year old blonde hails from the Gold Coast of Australia, and we have a feeling that this beautiful young Aussie will be making headlines for quite some time.

as the Duchess of Bay Ridge in The Wolf of Wall Street…
margot robbie as the duchess
posing for Esquire…
margot robbie esquire


Things We Bought in 2013


We post all sorts of different stuff on Frachelli and we wish we could have it all. In reality, many of the posts feature things in our dreams, especially the fast cars and hot chicks. However, while it is more fun to think and write about going 185 mph in a Ferrari with a super model – here are some more obtainable items we’ve actually bought ourselves this year (and recommend):

Google Chromecast – $35

The Wolf of Wall Street Book – $11

Game of Thrones Book Set – $30

Ice Ball Ice Molds – $11

G-Shock Red Rescue Watch – $93

Holiday Gifts: Books

Game of Thrones 5-Book Set. Starting at $28 for Paperback.
game of thrones book set

The Wolf of Wall Street. Starting at $13 for Paperback.
wolf of wall street book

Beautiful LEGO $18
beautiful lego book

Paddle Your Own Canoe $17
paddle your own canoe nick offerman book