The Noble Beer Margarita


Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party in the near future or trying to outdo last year’s Super Bowl party this Sunday – impress your guests with The Noble Beer Margarita. Our friends from Casa Noble Tequila shared this fun recipe:

2 OZ. Casa Noble Crystal
Your favorite 6.5 OZ bottle of beer

Place ice in glass. Add in tequila and fill with lemonade. Tip beer bottle inside the glass.

Casa Noble Tequila

Working at Frachelli has it’s perks, and getting to try samples of booze is certainly one of the better ones. We received three types of tequila from Casa Noble, a triple-distilled premium tequila maker – all of which we found enjoyable. Here are some notes on the three varieties so you can decide which is most up your alley:

Casa Noble CRYSTAL Tequila
Crystal clear in color with hues of straw and silver . A Well-balanced, smooth tequila with aromas and flavors of raw and buttery sweet cooked agave, mango, and a hint of citrus for a long finish. $39.95 for a 750 ml bottle.

Casa Noble REPOSADO Tequila
Light amber in color with hues of bright copper. A smooth, sensuous and full-bodied, this tequila is matured in French white oak barrels for exactly 364 days. $49.95 for a 750 ml bottle.

Casa Noble AÑEJO Tequila
The color of this tequila has a deep amber core with golden accents. A robust and complex tequila with intricate aromas of dried fruits, spice, and toasted oak, complemented with butterscotch, vanilla and cooked agave flavors. Aged in French White Oak Barrels for two years. $59.95 for a 750 ml bottle.