Recon 6 Survival Watch

recon 6 survival watch

We got a tip for yet another cool Kickstarter project, the Recon 6 Survival Watch by Ralston. Not only does the rugged watch tell time, but it also contains a compass, signal mirror, can opener, fire starter, whistle, cutting tool, fishing line, and flash light. Essentially, it has all the basic survival items stashed around your wrist. It’s also a cool looking watch for when you’re not braving the elements.


Great Things for Hurricanes

hoboken flooding sandy

Nearly two weeks later, Hurricane Sandy still has my apartment powerless – the picture above was taken from my front stoop after the storm. Rather than gripe about the damage and recount tales of eating canned food, sleeping on friends couches, and skipping showers (currently writing this from my parents kitchen and I’m showered), it seemed more logical to blog in the spirit of Frachelli – great stuff. With a slight spin, here are some great things for Hurricanes. In no particular order:


As I learned, putting garbage bags over your feet to slosh through flooded streets isn’t exactly durable. Even if you never go duck hunting, having a good pair of waders in your closet will do wonders for when you need to walk through sewage water after a nasty storm.

Solar Powered Charger

If you live in an apartment, you can’t have a generator due to the exhaust – and even if you do have a generator, gas runs out. A solar powered charger can really come in handy to charge up your small electronic devices.

Landline Phone

I don’t have a landline phone and stubbornly probably never will. But when a big storm hits, cell phones don’t work. A landline can get you through to friends, family and emergency services when all else fails. However, a landline won’t do you much good if a tree falls and rips out the line. Let’s hope that just doesn’t happen.

Battery Powered LED Lights

When nature calls, us men are too proud to sit even in the worst of circumstances, and peeing in the dark can be disastrous. Battery Powered LED Lights provide ample lighting allowing you to find things, avoid walking into furniture, shave, go to the bathroom, and etc.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a natural disaster superfood. It’s high in protein and doesn’t need to be cooked or refrigerated. Rice cakes also stay longer than bread, so spread some peanut butter across those puppies to survive when you can’t get to the supermarket. Of course, add Jelly before it goes bad!


No power = no TV = boredom = fighting with whoever you’re stuck with. If you’re able to charge up your iPad like my friend and fellow refugee was (we camped out in a building lobby that had power to charge our stuff), you and your powerless pals can watch up to 10 hours of video on an iPad – allowing you consume 5 two-hour movies before your next charge.