Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses

Von Zipper Elmore Polarized SunglassesSpring is in full-effect and summer will be here before you know it. Why not invest in some quality shades for the upcoming sunny season? These Elmore Sunglasses by Von Zipper are inspired by the classic Wayfarer and definitely add a modern attitude. While they are designed to make you look like one of the cool kids rather than for use in physical activity, they do feature impact resistant lenses – which means they can withstand some quality day drinking. Plus they are polarized, so you’ll be able to scan for summer babes glare-free.

GET IT: $140

Ray-Ban Legends Collection: Meteor

ray-ban legends collection mens meteor sunglasses

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, Ray-Ban has launched the Legends Collection. This includes the return of the Laramie for women, and retro Aviator, Round, and Meteor styles for the fellas. Available with vintage colored lenses, these sunglasses are a blast from the past. Shown above is the Ray-Ban Meteor with a Havana frame and blue lenses, and  as with all of the shades in the Legends Collection –  there is a selection of retro colors for both the frame and lenses. If you need to be even more exclusive, there is also a Johnny Marr limited edition pair available in the Ray-Ban Legends Collection for you collectors out there.

GET IT: $160

Ray-Ban Brad Sunglasses

ray-ban brad sunglassesWhile we’re crazy about the classic styles of Ray-Ban, we’re also always eager to see some new models emerge. New for this fall are the Ray-Ban Brad Sunglasses shown above in dark grey frames with grey gradient lenses. The gummy textured frames feature a distinct double brow bridge bar and 100% UV protection. Styled in somewhat of a cross between the Wayfarer and the Aviator, these slick shades will set you back around $109.

Carrera Cool/S Sunglasses

Well if the model name doesn’t already imply it, Carrera Cool/S sunglasses are…. you guessed it, cool. Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish – they make for a great pair of shades. Carrera touts that they’ve been making “Racing Sunglasses Since 1956″ and this pair will make you look fast even if you’re sitting on a bench. Available in a bunch of color combos, we recommend white for summer, black for year round, and red if you really like to party.

GET IT: $93-$122

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer w/ Rubber Finish

A bit smaller than the famous Ray-Ban Wayfarer, the New Wayfarer is an equally stylish set of shades with a tighter fit. While they come in various colors and options, the black rubber version stands out from the crowd with it’s matte finish. Not only do they look cool, but they are extremely light and stay put on your face (even if you’re moving around or sweating). While each of the four pairs of Ray-Ban’s I own all look great, these are definitely the most comfortable.

GET IT: $79 (normally $119)

Persol Sunglasses

If you don’t have any friends that own yachts, but want to look like you party on one – try on a pair of Persol sunglasses. Pictured are the sleek Persol 2912′s in shiny black. These designer Italian frames will set you back a few bucks, but you’ll look like you spend time entertaining supermodels in Milan. If you look at it that way, they’re worth every penny….

GET IT: $230

Carrera Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been making people look cool for ages. Carrera sunglasses have been making a major comeback recently, especially in their aviator style models. They are still a bit expensive as far as shades go, but more reasonably priced than some other designer brands. They’re designed with racing in mind, so they’ll be perfect for those drives in your open top sports car. Hmm, maybe these would look good while cruising in an Audi R8 Spyder….

GET THEM: $129

Wayfarer – NYC Subway Rare Print

Originally designed in the ’50s, the style of the Wayfarer has been going strong for over five decades. The sunglasses of choice for the Blues Brothers are now available in several limited edition rare prints. Pictured above is the Wayfarer in black with the New York City subway map printed on the inside of the frames. These shades are cool and collectible. They’ve been fashionable for over 50 years – so you’re not buying into a “trend.”

BUY: $159

Ray-Ban Tech Sunglasses

I know that Frachelli recently did a sunglasses feature, but it’s summer and I got some new ones! I am absolutely loving my Ray-Ban Tech sunglasses and have been receiving many compliments. I went all out with this pair; they have polarized lenses and carbon fiber temples making them lightweight, comfortable, and great to look through.  They were a bit expensive for a working stiff like me, but sometimes it’s better to look like a million bucks than to have it.

$229 on Ray-Ban.com ($179 w/o the Polarized lenses)