On The “Rocks” Whiskey Stones

If you’re trying to look uber manly in front of guests, pour straight whiskey over some whiskey stones. The basic idea is – ice melts and dilutes your drink, whereas stones don’t. All you need to do is throw the whiskey stones in the freezer and when added to your booze, they’ll chill things down a bit.  Of course, it also works with Scotch and Bourbon. If you want to look manly and cool – toss the whiskey stones into a Roly Poly Whiskey Glass. Either way, you’re drink will literally be on the rocks…

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Engraved Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch

If you want to give a personalized and impressive gift to a man this holiday season, check out engraved bottles of Jonnie Walker Blue Label. The Blue Label is the rarest of Johnnie Walker’s scotch whiskey blends and is a substantial offering on its own. Johnnie Walker Blue Label sets the standard, with layers and layers of flavor from hand-selected, rare casks from across the distilling regions of Scotland. Its flavors are influenced by the smoke of the west and the rich, sweet whiskies of the east. Adding the personal engraved message will put your gift over the top. Perfect to give to someone celebrating a big promotion or retirement, an important business client, a substantial birthday for dad/grandpa, or a proud new father. Or maybe we’ll order one engraved with “Frachelli Really Rules” when we hit ten million page views or something of similar significance.$225 for a 750 ml bottle and $550 for a 1.75 liter.

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