Minka Kelly Lingerie Poster

Last year, Esquire Magazine named Minka Kelly the sexiest woman alive. If you missed their November issue, not to worry – you can still own a piece of their amazing photo shoot they did with her. This 24″ x 36″ Minka Kelly poster from one of the lingerie shots they featured in the magazine is absolutely stunning. Just try not to get too much drool on it before you hang it up.

GET IT: $20

Brooklyn Decker Poster

You don’t get to the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition without being smoking hot. While Irina Shayk replaced her on the 2011 cover, you can still enjoy this glorious 17 x 11″ poster of Brooklyn Decker (don’t worry Brooklyn was still prevalent in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition). Unless you’re as blind as a bat, you’ll need no explanation to understand Brooklyn is a stunning blond beauty that will make a lovely addition to any wall.

GET IT: $8

Dexter Season 5 Print by Ty Mattson

If you’re a big Dexter fan, check out this limited edition silk-screen print from graphic artist Ty Mattson. Composed of themes from season 5 of Dexter, 200 of these 18×24″ pieces were printed and signed by the artist. Iconic elements of this season – including motivational speaker Jordan Chase, Dexter’s complicated relationship with Lumen, and Boyd Fowler, the Barrel Girl Killer make this print a unique and collectible piece of fan art. Ty also created individual prints from the first four seasons of the show.

GET IT: $49.95

Natalie Portman Poster

Natalie Portman has been a big movie star for years, but it’s safe to say that her career has gotten even hotter recently. Black Swan got the little girl from The Professional a lot of attention and we can expect more great performances to come. I had a big crush on her when Episode II of Star Wars came out (got in trouble for cutting school to see it) and she seems to just get sexier as the years go on. You have to watch one of her movies to appreciate her talent, but you can certainly admire the way she looks with this 24×36″ poster.

GET IT: $20

Scarlett Johansson Poster

After starring in multiple hit movies, Scarlett Johansson has become a household name. On top of acting she’s even embarked on a music career with one album covering songwriting legend Tom Waits. While she is on screen during her films, I’m willing to bet that 99% of the male audience is drooling. There is endless ways she can draw you in – her sultry lips, seductive gaze, and obviously – those boobs! While you might not have the time to watch one of her movies every day, by hanging up this sexy 24×36″ poster you can get a glance at the beautiful Scarlett on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and she’s recently single after splitting from actor Ryan Reynolds. One can dream…

GET IT: $20