Nixon Time Teller

nixon time teller mens watch
As the name implies, the Nixon Time Teller is a pretty straight forward watch. Water resistant and housed in a 37 mm stainless steel case, the quartz powered Time Teller will handle every day use with ease. While it won’t have the same bling factor as a high-end luxury watch such as Rolex, it’s still tastefully styled and cost you a whole lot less money.

GET IT: $93

Nooka Zub Zenv

If you want to be outside the box with your watch design, you’ll find a unique time display with the Nooka Zub Zenv (and a bright green face if you choose the color option pictured). The first line (from left to right) shows the first six hours by the number of filled-in squares, the second line shows hours 7-12, and the third line shows minutes. This 38 millimeter quartz powered digital watch also features a backlight and alarm functions. If you like funky watches, also check out the Nooka Zub Zirc and Nixon Newton.

GET IT: $75-$120 (Some colors are on sale)

NIXON Newton

Watches can be expensive and ornate, but they can also be fun and affordable. Available in a slew of crazy color combos, the Newton by NIXON is a 2 hand quartz watch with a unique rotating disc display. With the blue silicon strap shown above and the LED light on, your wrist may look like it’s out of TRON - so go all black if you’re going for more of a Knight Rider theme. We can’t think of a cheesy movie/show to associate the orange one with….

GET IT: $100