Bank LED Desk Lamp

bank led desk lamp

From the maker of the Harvey desk lamp, comes another bright Kickstarter lighting project, Bank. Bank is a modern take on the classic bankers lamp with super efficient Philips LEDs providing 740 lumens of warm white light. Despite making some technological advances over the original banker lamps, it still keeps its charm with the old tried and trusted pull switch.



Designed by two brothers, the HOKU LED Desk Lamp project is currently live on Kickstarter. With its sleek Italian design, the eco-friendly HOKU only uses 5W of energy consumption while providing natural light in your workspace. HOKU is Hawaiian for “star” and this “bright” project is already fully funded, with 12 days left for you to participate.


Harvey LED Desk Lamp

harvey LED desk lamp
We post a lot of Kickstarter projects on Frachelli, and we’re always glad to see when innovative and stylish projects are successful. A while back we featured the Harvey LED Desk Lamp and now the product has been produced in two sizes and available for sale from Inertia Projects. Unlike conventional lamps, the joints in the lamp use magnets to hold them in place instead of springs which offers precision movement and adjustments. Hand-stitched with embossed buttons that gives a tactile quality, and because the lamp utilizes the latest technology LEDs from Philips, it is A++ energy rated using just 3 Watts for a brightness of 380 lumens.

Sony 84 inch XBR 4K TV

sony 84 inch xbr led tv

For those who are trying to go beyond keeping up with the Joneses, here is the ultimate show-off TV. This Sony XBR 4k LED television’s screen measures a massive 84″ diagonally, which will dwarf the neighbors 50″. 8 million pixels populate the huge viewing area in full HD and the TV of course also features 3D viewing capabilities and slew of other bells and whistles. When playing a PlayStation 3 game with SimulView and while wearing special glasses, the TV generates two separate pictures – making split screens a thing of the past. Also included in the lofty $25k sticker price is an integrating 50W surround sound system to make it an instant home theater.

Sony XBR 60″ LED 3D TV

If you’re looking for a TV that will make your house guests say “Holy sh*t, that’s some TV mannn” check out the Sony XBR-60LX900. It’s a 60″ LED that outputs full 1080p HD with a 240Hz processor, infinite contrast ratio,  built in wi-fi, and displays the latest 3D content. You’ll still need clunky glasses to see 3D stuff and two pairs are included. But even if you’re watching things in old fashioned “flat” 2D (which I often prefer), Blu-ray discs and hi def TV are going to look incredible on this monster.The price and fact that it won’t fit in my apartment are the only two things stopping me from getting one : )

GET IT: $4,000 (list price $4,999)