The Life Hack Poster

We received a tip for another cool Kickstarter project, The Life Hack Poster. This useful 24×36″ screen print features over 75 nifty life hacks and guides including CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, keyboard shortcuts, morse code and a full size ruler at the bottom of the poster. Plus, it has a cool owl on it.

life hacks poster close-up

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keylayer keycase multitool
Keylayer is a nifty little leather key case with a simple multi-tool that is currently raising funds for development on Kickstarter. The case can hold 3-5 keys and will keep them from rattling and poking you in your pocket. Fold out the integrated multi-tool and you’ll have a bottle opener, screw driver, mini pry bar, hex bolt wrench, and ruler at your disposal.

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We wanted to share yet another cool Kickstarter project, the EDGUP, a simple grooming tool that allows you to trim up the back of your hair at home – by yourself. Perfect for cleaning up in-between haircuts, the EDGUP will keep you looking sharp without the extra trip to the barber. They also have a great pledging option for the Kickstarter (ending today, so hurry and check it out), which sends one EDGUP to you, and one to a US military veteran.


Adam McDonough Kickstarter

At Frachelli, we love music, we love Kickstarter projects, and we also love friends. One of our friends is currently running a Kickstarter project to record his debut solo album, so it was a no brainer to share the project with our readers. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing Adam McDonough perform live and are definitely excited for the release of Coast to Coast. He also throws one hell of a BBQ.


Brew Clip

brew clip

We never grow tired of indie-designed wallets and bottle openers that are fundraising on Kickstarter, and the Brew Clip is a great combo of both items. The thin profile Brew Clip can slip into your front pocket and will hold your cards and cash securely while housing the ready to use bottle opener. Just slide the integrated opener out of the rigid frame and crack open your favorite brew.


Moniker Guitars

moniker guitars

It’s not every day a notable new guitar company comes along. Moniker Guitars is based out of Austin Texas and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch their new line of semi-hollow body electric guitars. Currently you can order customized solid body electric guitars on their website as well as custom pickguards for your existing guitar. If you put your girlfriend’s face on the pickguard, she might not be as upset when you use the rent money to buy one of these sweet sounding (and looking) geeetars.




Ever head out for a run and tie a key to your shoelace or drawstring? The Kickstarter project PocketBands aims to end that nonsense. Perfect for going to the gym, running, swimming, surfing, biking, and more – PocketBands are lightweight wristbands with a secret compartment to stash a key and/or some cash without interfering with your activities. Why has nobody thought of this before?!?

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Fulcro Credit Card Bottle Opener

porstmith co fulcro credit card bottle opener

If you thought Portsmith Co.’s CINCH Wallet Kickstarter project was cool, check out their minimalist Fulcro Credit Card Bottle Opener. Made out of stainless steel and the size of a traditional credit card, this bottle opener will go great with your CINCH wallet or regular wallet. The CINCH Kickstarter project has only 33 hours left at the time of this writing, but if you pledge you can receive this slick opener.

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CINCH Wallet


When you’re paying for something in front of people, the last thing you want to do is pull out a George Costanza sized wallet that has everyone wondering what the hell you’ve been sitting on all day. Plus, a slim wallet will greatly improve your comfort and ease during everyday life. The CINCH Minimalist Wallet by Portsmith Co. is a current Kickstarter project that promises to solve all of your slim wallet needs. Constructed with your choice of oak or stainless steel “backbone”, a tight elastic “keeper” will hold your cards and cash securely in place. Sometimes less is more, and Portsmith Co. has properly embraced that with the CINCH.