Headphones 50% OFF at Amazon

shure headphones earbuds
Just sharing a solid Early Black Friday Deal with our readers – Select headphones are currently 50% OFF and higher on Amazon. Brands include premium headphones such as Shure, Monster, and Harman Kardon.


LSTN Movember Headphones


Support Movember and rock new heaphones with the LSTN Movember Limited Edition Troubadours. LSTN are not your average run-of-the-mill headphones; they are an eco-friendly line of headphones handcrafted from natural reclaimed wood. Better yet, each pair sold helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. And, in addition to that, each pair of Movember x LSTN collaboration headphones donates $50 directly to Movember. Each pair has a glossy gray finish and features the Movember logo engraved in both sides of the reclaimed wood cups.

GET IT: $150

Beats Studio Headphones

beats studio headphones
Dr. Dre recently released a new model of his widely-popular headphone line, the noise canceling Beats Studio. These new headphones are 13% lighter than the previous version and are powered by a 20 hour battery that is rechargeable by micro USB. They also feature a fuel gauge so you know exactly how much noise-canceling-base-bumping sound you have left.

GET IT: $299


Monster DNA Headphones


Want quality on-ear headphones that will stand out from the crowd? Check out the DNA Headphones by Monster. The triangular construction looks cool and also protects the cables coming out of the pillow-soft noise-cancelling cushions. The Monster DNA Headphones also feature iPhone compatibility and dual inputs – which means you can link up to another pair and share audio with a friend.

GET IT: $200

AKG Headphones by Harman

AKG by harman headphones

Made by the esteemed Harman, AKG K551 Headphones are sure to deliver. These reference-class headsets use Real Image Engineering to create a highly realistic sound environment with a true sense of three-dimensional space. The clean design also provides for lightweight comfort and noise insulation. Additionally, an in-line microphone allows you to take a call on your iPhone.

GET IT: $329

Harman Kardon Headphones

harman kardon headphones

If you enjoy the precision sound that Harman Kardon is famous for, you can now plug it directly into your ears. Harman Kardon released a new line of headphones that are designed to work with and compliment Apple devices such as the iPhone and hence are currently exclusive to Apple’s online store and Apple retail locations. Shown above is the $99 NI (noise insulating) in-ear model featuring iPhone controls, which is at the start of the range and there are two other versions between them and the top model – the $249 over-ear Bluetooth model.

Marshall Headphones

marshall headphones

Now you can put the legendary sound of Marshall directly over your ears. The solidly built Marshall Major Headphones feature the same vinyl used on their guitar amps, super soft cushions, and a collapsable design for easy storage. Plus, the Major is delivered with a 6.3 mm adapter for use with with your amplifier, stereo or any sound source. Rock on.

GET IT: $86

Klipsch Image ONE Stereo Headphones

klipsch image one stereo headphones

Whether you’re messing around with your own tracks in Garage Band or simply listening to your favorite tunes – it’s always great to have a nice set of quality stereo headphones. Klipsch is known for making awesome speakers and their headphones are nothing to gawk at either. These Klipsch Image ONE on-ear style stereo headphones feature high-end Klipsch sound with the comfort of an adjustable headband and pivoting ear cups constructed of premium leather and memory foam. Plus. they feature a mic and volume controls that are compatible with iPhone and iPad.

GET IT: $98 (35% OFF)

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Ear Bud

It’s always nice to upgrade your headphones from the ones that come with your phone or MP3 player. Over the ear headphones are great, but for the guy on the move a smaller in-ear pair can be a lot more convenient. If you’re looking for a step up that won’t break the bank these Skullycandy Full Metal Jacket ear buds will certainly do the trick. On top of solid sound quality, they are comfortable, very portable, and do a great job of noise cancellation – making them great for commuting and traveling.

GET IT:$40