Mad Bomber Hat

mad bomber winter hat
There’s nothing like a good hat to really keep you from the cold. I’m definitely loving my new Mad Bomber Hat that I received as a secret santa gift (thanks Mike!) and it’s certainly a welcome addition to my NY winter wardrobe. Made with 100% real wool, the rabbit-fur-lined Mad Bomber is extremely warm and very wind resistant. The ear flaps buckle like a helmet strap keeping the hat nice and snug, and the elements out.

GET IT: $48

Turtle Fur Ski Hats

turle fur ski earflap hatThis weekend I was lucky enough to hit the slopes in Vermont with some friends. With my new Turtle Fur Ski hat, my head stayed warm despite strong winds and heavy snowfall during ¬†one of days on the mountain. Made with handcrafted wool and lined with “Turtle Fur,” the hat proved to be comfortable and warm. Turtle Fur makes varying styles of ski hats, but I prefer the earflap style when skiing.

GET IT: $40