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calibur prints winchester 1894
We got a tip for another cool Kickstarter project, Calibur Prints: Reloaded. This new run of artwork from Calibur Prints feature fully detailed and scaled breakdowns of classic firearms. The Reloaded set includes the Winchester 1894, Colt Python, B.A.R., and Mossberg 500. Each of the 4 designs are going to be printed on 19″x27″ 10pt cardstock with a matte finish – which will tastefully adorn your bachelor pad with some legendary weapons.

calibur prints colt python


Bonnie and Clyde’s Pistols

bonnie and clyde firearmsYou can now own a piece of criminal history, with the pistols found on infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde when they were ambushed and killed by law enforcement in 1934. Authorities found the Colt snub nosed .38 revolver on Bonnie Parker taped to her thigh with medical tape, and Clyde Barrow’s Colt .45 was removed from his waistband postmortem. Both weapons from the are being auctioned by RR Auction in New Hampshire on Sept. 30, and it’s expected that each can go for $100-$200k. The pistols will likely have the highest bids, but other personal items found on the notorious lovers/bank-robbers will be auctioned as well.

Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Pistol

arsenal arms AF2011-a1 double barrel pistol

Double-barreled weapons are nothing new, but the Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 is the world’s first semi-automatic double-barreled pistol. The 2011 in the model number signifies the 100 year anniversary of the 1911 – the gun that was the standard issue side arm for the US Forces from 1911 to 1985. Allowing you to shoot two rounds of .45acp at a time, 3 seconds is all it takes for the AF2011 to send 16 rounds into a target the size of a watermelon from 25 yards away. That’s 4,000 grains of lead! The AF2011 comes with the option of having ¬†independent triggers or one forged trigger so you’re always firing both barrels simultaneously.

Bushmaster ACR

bushmaster acr rifle

When it comes to assault rifles, the M16 and AK-47 are typically the most sought after. However, the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) may be the gun of choice going forward. The creation of the ACR was a collaboration between Bushmaster, Remington, and Magpul – and the result is an extremely versatile weapon built to perform in even the most extreme scenarios. The barrel, stock, sights/accessories, and even caliber of the ACR can all be modified within minutes. Designed to be recoil absorbent and ergonomic, the ACR allows a shooter to be accurate even when firing rapidly. As a civilian you won’t be able to buy a full-automatic version, but you can have plenty of fun with the semi-automatic ACR starting around $2k.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede

Nerf n-strike stampede

There lives a child in all of us and if you’re anything like us here at Frachelli, you probably wished there was fully automatic Nerf gun available when you were a kid. While it probably would be a lot more mind-blowing when you were 8, a grown man still must be somewhat enticed by the Nerf N-Strike Stampede that blasts 18 round clips of Nerf darts rapid-fire up to a 30ft range. Also includes blast shield and pop-out bipod…. wha hah ha….

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Ruger Red Label Shotguns

Women collect shoes, but us men like to collect things such as watches, cars, tools, and guns. Whether you’re real into marksmanship or not, a nice over-under shotgun will last forever and be great to pass down to future generations. Perfect for trap and skeet, a Ruger Red Label shotgun is a gorgeous and finely American-made firearm. With various stock styles and finishes, the Red Label is also available with an unmarked receiver so you can have it custom engraved. Available in 28, 20, and 12 gauge – the Ruger Red Label starts with a retail price around $2k.

Bushmaster AR-15 Rifles

If you want to have a great day at the rifle range, bring a Bushmaster. The Bushmaster AR-15 rifles are highly accurate semi-automatic firearms that are built to last. The guns are easy to shoot and with very little recoil, they can be used all day without a bruised shoulder (unlike the 30-30 I reviewed). Shown is a carbine version, but they come several models with varying barrel lengths, stocks and etc. They will all shoot great, but I do recommend a flat-top receiver so you can easily swap out your rear sites/optics. Out of my small collection, my Bushmaster is my favorite rifle.

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Winchester Lever Action 30-30 Rifle

At age 6, my grandfather bought me a Red Ryder BB gun. You know, the “you’ll shoot your eye out kid” present from A Christmas Story – I loved that gun and my eyes are still intact. The other day I shot a big boy’s version, a Winchester 30-30 lever action rifle. The design of the lever action rifle dates back to the mid 1800s , so shooting one is like traveling through time. The gun is light and easy to aim, making you feel like John Wayne as you cycle through rounds with the lever. The 30-30 Winchester caliber certainly packs a bit of a punch. The next morning I had a small bruise on my shoulder, something you never saw happen to Clint Eastwood. The rifle pictured above is a Winchester Model 94AE I picked up used at a local gun store. While that exact model is discontinued, Winchester still produces lever action rifles 200 years after their creators were born.

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