Buy Sonny Crockett’s Testarossa

miami vice ferrari testarossa

If you made your millions after the ’80s but spent the decade pining over Sonny Crockett’s lifestyle on Miami Vice, there’s still a chance to own an iconic piece of the show. Sonny’s White 1986 Ferrari Testarossa is currently up on ebay with a buy-it-now price of $1.75M. In case your wondering what type of performance was delivered from a mid 80′s Italian supercar, the Testarossa’s 4.9-liter V12 engine creates 390hp – giving the car a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 180 mph. Considering there are other Testarossa’s asking around $100k, there seems to be a heavy premium to buy the one driven by Don Johnson himself… but then again, he is the man.

See the listing on ebay

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

ferrari 458 speciale a

Limited to a production run of just 499 units, the Speciale A is indeed a special Ferrari 458. The 597 hp V8 powered 458 Speciale A (the A stands for Aperta, which means “open) features a retractable hardtop, and this topless rocket gets from 0-62 mph in just three seconds. The increase in performance largely comes from advanced aerodynamics and the use of lightweight materials (the chassis alone incorporates 10 aluminum alloys). More air scoops and aggressive spoilers help set the Speciale A apart from other Ferrari’s, and they even moved the tail pipes so they could redesign the rear diffuser for improved airflow. While the paint options, or lack thereof, are limited to yellow with blue and white racing stripes, the wheels will be available in three colors – Oro, Grigio Corsa and diamond-finish matt black. We’re a little partial to red when it comes to Ferrari’s, but were still insanely jealous of those 499 drivers that will get their hands on this prancing pony.


Eric Clapton’s Custom Ferarri

eric clapton in his Ferrari SP12-EC
Owning a Ferrari is awesome. Being a guitar legend is a status very few achieve. And if your name happens to be Eric Clapton, apparently you can create your own custom Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina and Maranello’s own engineers. The rock legend’s very own Ferrari SP12-EC (yes the EC stands for Eric Clapton) is built off the 458 Italia Platform and pays homage to Clapton’s favorite Ferrari model, the BB512i – which is most noticeable by the two-tone exterior of the car. You’ll also notice some unique touches such as Enzo headlights and custom front & rear intakes.Read the full story at the Official Ferrari Magazine
Ferrari SP12-EC


We had previously posted teaser pics of the new super Ferrari, which we thought would be called the Ferrari F70 or F150, but turns out it’s called “LaFerrari.” The Enzo successor is truly remarkable hybrid, packing 800 hp from it’s V12 engine and an additional 163 hp from an electric motor. The HY-KERS system that distributes the power from both engines is derived from F1 – and the performance the car is capable shows it. Ferrari claims 0-62 mph times of less than 3 seconds and a top speed “over” 217 mph. Scissor doors and an adaptive aerodynamic system shroud the chassis and power-plant with styling reminiscent of super Ferrari models of the past. It looks like only 499 will be made and there is more info on their microsite.

Ferrari F150

ferrari f510 f70 front

It’s been a decade since the last limited edition supercar from Ferrari went on sale. While it’s still very secretive, the Ferrari F150 (model name may likely change) will be the successor to the Enzo and we can’t to learn more. Ferrari released some teaser pictures and expect the F150 to have a V12 and a lot of carbon fiber.

rear teaser pic…
ferrari f150 f70 rear

Ferrari Enzo

ferrari enzo

From 2002-2004 Ferrari produced a limited run of supercars named after the company founder Enzo Ferrari. Built with F1 technology, the Enzo taps into its 651hp v12 engine to rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.14 seconds and reach a blazing top speed of 221mph. A decade later, those are still some amazing stats – and in 2002 they had car enthusiasts gawking.  The car was released with a retail price of $660k, but many went for as much as a million due to the cars limited 399 car production run (a 400th was made and donated for charity) and staggering abilities. With its scissor-style doors, fighter-jet-esque aerodynamic body panels, and bare-bones-let’-get-down-to-business interior, the Enzo creates one of the most sought after driving experiences in the car world.

Ferrari Track Jacket by Puma

ferrari track jacket by pumaIf your year-end bonus wasn’t lucrative enough to get you a tire scorching drop-top 458 Spider for this spring, you can still sport the prancing horse logo for under a hundred bucks. This Ferrari track jacket by Puma is sporty and stylish light weight zip-up that can also be a substitute for a hoodie. However, if you wear it along with a Panerai for Ferrari watch, while driving a Ferrari, you may be over doing it (if only I had the funding to make that mistake).

GET IT: $90

World Financial Center New York MOTOREXPO

As I did last year, last night I checked out the car show at the World Financial Center in Manhattan. While it was a bit of a downgrade from last year where they had several Ferrari’s and the exclusive Bugatti Veyron, I still got to see some cool cars that are featured on It was also nice to be in the financial district and see the progress that has been made on the Freedom Tower. Here are some shots from the car show (kinda crappy, taken with my iPhone):

This light blue Lotus Evora may have been the biggest head turner:

The grill of the Aston Martin Rapide means business:

The Audi R8 V10 Spyder was looking good from the rear:

Ferrari 458 Spider

If the roof is what is holding you back from a Ferrari 458 Italia, check out the recently announced 458 Spider. Touted as the first mid-rear engined V8 with a retractable hardtop, the 458 Spider is the best of both worlds – topless cruising in pleasurable weather and no raggedy canvas for when you need some cover. The aluminum roof goes up or down in a remarkable 14 seconds which can be seen in the video below. Even faster is the acceleration of the 458 – with the help of the 562 hp V8 and F1 transmission, 0-62 mph will be reached in 3.4 seconds. Base price for the Italia is around $230k so expect to pay even more the fancy-topped Spider.