Express Fitted Military Shirt

Despite the warm summer weather, some occasions still call for a collared shirt. With buttoned rolled-up sleeves, a military shirt can help you stay comfortable while looking sharp. This plaid military shirt from Express is made out of 100% premium cotton to keep things cool, and the slim fitted cut will prevent any “puffing” around the waist – in the event you decide to tuck it into your jeans. $70 at Express stores.

Express 2-Button Sateen Jacket

Even if you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, adding a sport jacket or blazer can really class up an outfit. This black Express 2-Button Sateen Jacket will go great with various shirt and pant options and only costs $128 bucks. It’s a form-fitting blazer with narrow peaked lapels and a smooth finish. Whether you’re at a nightclub in Vegas or at a friends cocktail party, give your upper body a modern look with this coat.

Express 1MX Fitted Shirt

If you are trying to pull of a business casual outfit, a fitted shirt will really help. Without a sports jacket or suit to cover your upper body, you don’t want your shirt “poofing” out all over the place. Especially if you are a guy with a small frame like me, it’s hard to find a button down shirt that doesn’t look baggy. Express makes some excellent and reasonably priced fitted shirts. When I wore my 1MX in the color shown, I received several compliments from female coworkers before I finished pouring my morning coffee. Also, right now these shirts are buy one get one 50% off.

Express 1MX Fitted Stretch Cotton Shirt – $49.50