8 Bit Cinema

If you’ve got some time to kill, check out the YouTube playlist 8 Bit Cinema. You’ll find 33 classic movies remade in the style of NES/SNES video games with an average length of around 3 minutes. Some of classics include The Matrix, Kill Bill, The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction and Donnie Darko – all of which are done with witty, comical, 8-bit representations of the films.

Donnie Darko

Some movies are blockbusters and others are classics. Then, there are the cult classics. Donnie Darko may not have made a huge splash when it was released in theaters in 2001 (it lost money for the studio) but has since formed a large dedicated following. This haunting yet charming psychological thriller follows the life of troubled teenager Donnie Darko, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.  Donnie starts sleepwalking and hallucinating, but perhaps there’s more to what’s happening than a mental disorder. The plot entwines Donnie’s visions of doom with the lighthearted suburban characters that surround him – allowing the mood to switch from humorous to creepy at any moment. The film is also supported by a solid cast including Patrick Swayze, Drew Barrymore, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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