Brew Cutlery

brew cutlery
Today we bring you another neat KICKSTARTER project, Brew Cutlery. Brew Cutlery conveniently combines elegant cutlery with a flawless bottle opener so you never have to search for an opener again. It’s a simple idea, but these utensils will cover all your needs for enjoying great food and your favorite bottled beers.


Libbey Occasions Wine Glasses

You’ve used all your whit, charm, and “moves” to impress a gal that you know is too pretty for you. Riding on a wave of luck, you are graced with her presence at your humble abode. She’s over for drinks and you are prepared with both red and white wine – because you’re unsure which she prefers. A quick way to kill the evening would be to uncork a bottle and pour it into red solo cups from last week’s beer pong tournament. Be prepared with both white and red wine glasses to show you have a knowledge of the finer things in life. I had a sales boss that used to say “It’s all in the presentation” – the same holds true for your nightcap. The glasses shown come in sets of four of red wine “balloons” or white wine “goblets”. For $20 you can get both sets and be on your way to sealing the deal.

Libbey Occasions Wine Sets on Bed Bath and Beyond $9.99 per set of 4