Bank LED Desk Lamp

bank led desk lamp

From the maker of the Harvey desk lamp, comes another bright Kickstarter lighting project, Bank. Bank is a modern take on the classic bankers lamp with super efficient Philips LEDs providing 740 lumens of warm white light. Despite making some technological advances over the original banker lamps, it still keeps its charm with the old tried and trusted pull switch.


Andromeda Tactical Lighting

andromeda tactical lighting

The guys from Sketchy Design Studio in Los Angeles gave us a tip on their current Kickstarter project, the Andromeda lamp. This military inspired tactical light features a tri-rail system (utilizes the picatinny rail system used for mounting sights and accessories to firearms) and the legs and arms are fully adjustable. The three shades are also fully adjustable, allowing you to change the design of the lamp to your liking. It’s almost as if Martha Stewart and Rambo did arts & crafts together, and this lamp will certainly light up a bachelor pad in a manly fashion.

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Pottery Barn Home Theater Recliner

pottery barn home theater recliner armchair

If you’re looking for some quality furniture and decor for your bachelor pad or “man cave” – check out The Men’s Den collection from Pottery Barn. Items such as this leather home theater recliner armchair will have you lounging in comfort and style. With a power recline button and built in cup holder, you’ll be in no rush to get out of this chair. Modular configurations are also available so you can create home theater seating. Nice furniture will cost you though, and these chairs run for $1,500 each.

Air Releaf Plants

air releaf plantsEvery interior can benefit from the aesthetic touch of a house plant – even a bachelor pad (plus it’ll show your “nurturing” side when chicks come over). While decorating may seem to be the only “function” of some greenery in your home, think again.  Air specializes in indoor plants that are proven to remove toxins and purify the air. NASA has identified the threat of indoor pollution over two decades ago and toxin attacking plants were part of their solution. I just ordered an Air Releaf plant and despite the cold weather and shipping it arrived in perfect shape, now if I can just remember to water it…

Driftwood Coffee Table

driftwood glass coffee table

If you’re looking to be unique with your coffee table and add a natural feel to your living room, check this puppy out. Constructed from natural teak driftwood, no two will be exactly the same. The clear glass top is 36″ wide and sits atop the 20″ tall collection of driftwood, making it perfect to share a few cocktails over with friends. It’s not outrageously priced, but will definitely be a premium over your current Ikea table.

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“Falling Books” Bookend

falling books book endNow that you can very conveniently read on devices such as the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire, keeping books may seem a bit antiquated. However, no matter what technology brings, there will always be an allure to the bookshelf. If you maintain a book collection, a fun Bookend can add a great finishing touch. This “Falling Books” bookend gives a tasteful yet humorous effect with the illusion of a man who looks like he’s about to be pummeled by a toppling shelve of books. If this floats your boat, also check out the invisible floating bookshelf.

GET IT: $34

LED Blocks Clock

areaweare LED blocks clock

Most digital clocks don’t vary all that much in their execution, which is what’s intriguing about this clock designed by Areaware designer Jonas Damon. Each number is separated and contained within it’s own LED backlit block allowing you to arrange the clock anyway you’d like on your shelf, desk, night stand, etc. Kind of reminds us of playing with Blocks as a kid.

GET IT: $100

ZeroEdge Aquariums

zeroedge aquarium
We’ve all seen limitless pools that seem to go on into infinity as the water flows over the edge and is cycled back in, but how about a similar effect inside your home? There’s no doubt that a fish tank can really add to the decor of a room and a ZeroEdge Aquarium will do so in even more style. With the topless ZeroEdge Aquarium, the water flows over all four sides of the tank. The water flow is so seamless that you likely won’t even notice it running down unless you touch it. ZeroEdge Aquariums can be custom job, but we’ve seen 33 gallon tanks that cost $1,700 and 46 gallon tanks for $2,450 online. Coolness doesn’t come cheap.

16th Century Italian Globe Bar

I always found vintage maps and globes fascinating. We take for granted that we can now go to Google Earth and drill down to the driveway of the house we grew up in. Before, map making took a lot of adventure – along with guesswork. This 22″ Italian style globe comes wrapped with replica 16th-century nautical maps from the National Museum of Science, Florence. Adding a great antique and vintage aesthetic to your decor, it also functions as a bar. The globe hinges open to store glass and stemware and a bottle of your liking. There is additional storage for liquor, wine, and other favorite forms of hooch. When furnishing your home or apartment, add a little class to your booze stash….

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