Turkey Fryer

turkey fryer

Thanksgiving may still be over a month away, but you can use that time to hone your bird-cooking skills with your very ownTurkey Fryer. Outside of making juicy turkey, you can use a fryer for lobster/crab boils, chicken wings, fried fish, and even to brew your own beer. This simple starter set costs less than 80 bucks, and all you need to get frying is a propane tank and a turkey.

GET IT: $77 (23% OFF)

Sauces of Summer

Spice things up this summer with some succulent sauces. Here’s a variety of BBQ and Hot Sauces to kick it up a notch. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce $13 (2-pack), Cholula Hot Sauce $21 (2-pack), Huy Fong Sriracha Chili Sauce $7, Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce $17 (2-pack) 


kettle pizza bbq kit
Add some diversity to your grilling this summer and turn your existing charcoal grill into a pizza maker with the KettlePizza. The KettlePizza Kit features a stainless steel sleeve with integrated thermometer that sits between the bottom and top of your grill to create a high heat pizza oven. You can use charcoal, hardwood, or a mixture of both to create variations in flavor and then it’s just a matter of deciding what toppings you want on your pizza.

GET IT: $143 (basic kit for 18.5-22.5″ Grills)



The Mantry is an artisan food-of-the-month club for men in North America. Every month you’ll receive a crate with 5-6 food items and a manual that includes the full description of the product, how to use it, and the story behind its artisan maker. For $75 a month you’ll receive food products such as BBQ Sauce from the backwoods of Alabama and Birch Syrup hand harvested in Alaska – along with the know-how to properly cook with them.


Weber Smokey Joe Grill

weber smokey joe charcoal grill
The weather is warming up which also means it’s nearing BBQ season. If you plan on doing some grilling on the road, at tailgates, or simply have a small balcony to cook on – check out the Weber Smokey Joe Grill. This portable charcoal grill weighs less than ten pounds and can cook up to 6 burgers at a time (or three steaks). Regardless of it’s size, the grill is still built with Weber quality, including porcelain enameled coating and a triple nickel-plated grate. Plus, Weber throws in their recipe book with the grill.

GET IT: $33

Worcestershire Sauce and Montreal Steak Seasoning

Men love steak. It’s a simple fact of life. As there are many ways to skin a cat, there are many cuts of beef that can be marinated and cooked in an endless number of combinations. A simple, yet very tasty way to dress up a steak is with Worcestershire Sauce and Montreal Steak seasoning. Lea & Perrins has been making the original Worcestershire sauce since 1835. The main ingredients are vinegar and molasses, but the entire recipe still remains a family secret. After soaking up your T-bone or Filet with the Worcestershire Sauce, rub on some Montreal Steak Seasoning. The coarse salt, red and black pepper, garlic, and paprika will give your meat extra kick and flavor. Next, just cook to your desired wellness and enjoy. It’s that easy.



Henckels Four Star 7-Piece Knife Block Set

Even if you’re a bachelor that lives off of leftover pizza and happy hour  , it’s always good to have a quality knife set. Whether you’re chopping up a rotisserie chicken you picked up at the market or preparing a meal it’s important to have the proper blade. Even if you rarely eat at home, having the knife block will impress guests. Also, if you buy a quality set such as Henckels, they won’t ever go bad so you’ll have them when you settle down to a more traditional lifestyle.

Henckles Knives on Bed Bath and Beyond $260