Surf Grass Mat

surf grass mat

A trip to the beach used to also mean a trip home in a sandy car – but the Surf Grass Mat is here to change that. The Surf Grass Mat is 20 x 25 inches of high quality synthetic turf, and the mat’s supportive and soft bristles of turf work to dust off any dirt, sand, or particles that may have accumulated on your feet. Perfect on surfing and camping trips, it makes for an excellent changing mat that’ll also protect the cleanliness of your vehicle and/or home. Plus, it’s easily rolled up and secured with the integrated velcro strap.


Columbia Watertight Rain Jacket

columbia watertight rain jacket
Stay dry in inclement weather with this Watertight Rain Jacket from Columbia. Lightweight and durable, the jacket packs up into it’s own pocket for easy storage when it’s not in use. Throw it on during a rainy day and it’s also great jacket for hiking and camping – available in a slew of colors.

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SunJack Portable Solar Charger

sunjack portable solar usb charger
When we first heard of the SunJack Charger, we thought it was a great idea, and after using it for a few weeks – we can now also say it was intelligently executed. The concept of using solar power isn’t new, but the SunJack is an easy and affordable way to harness the sun and refuel your electronic USB devices. The four solar panels in the 14W unit we tested conveniently fold up into a case about the size of an iPad – and the case folds, loops, and provided carabiner clips make it super easy to align the SunJack with the direction of sunlight, regardless of what you have to available to prop the unit with. Perfect for camping, hiking, long days at the beach, or simply charging your phone at home – the SunJack battery can fill 4 iPhone charges after being exposed to just 5 hours of sunlight. Plus, we experienced charging times very comparable to using a standard wall charger. We also tested their optional USB LED light, which is a great addition for evening excursions, power outages, and campgrounds. Learn more about SunJack products at

GET IT: $145

The Qlipter

We received a prototype from a current Kickstarter project, The Qlipter. The Qlipter prototype has only been our possession for a few days, but we can already see the nearly endless uses for this ingenious clip. Not only does it work like a standard carabiner, but the padded hook swivels outward, allowing you to hang your stuff virtually anywhere. While it’s great for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, you can also use The Qlipter around the house (we found it great for hanging dress shirts in the bathroom during showers to get a little steam action).


Sorel Caribou Boots


Wet and cold feet is the best way to ruin your fun in the snow. If you’re planning to be adventerous this winter, make sure you have a proper pair of boots. Sorel Caribou Boots are made with a vulcanized rubber bottom and seam-sealed waterproof leather upper to keep your feet dry. The removable ThermoPlus liner will keep your toes warm in temperatures as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit, making them suitable for virtually all of your snow covered activities.

GET IT: $160

Bear Grylls Survival Kit


The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit is a great stocking stuffer for an outdoorsman. Includes a Gerber Miniature Multi-tool (Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Fine Edge Knife, Phillips Screwdriver, Small Flat Driver, Medium Flat Driver, Lanyard Ring, Bottle Opener, Tweezers), Waterproof Bag, Miniature Light Hand Saw, Signaling Mirror, Survival Blanket, Fire Starter, Waterproof Matches. Cotton Ball – Fire Tinder, Snare Wire, Emergency Cord, Waxed Thread Fishing Kit, Sewing Kit, Lanyard Whistle, Lightweight Ripstop Nylon Bag with Waterproof Zipper, Land to Air Rescue Instructions, and Bear Grylls Pocket Survival Guide. Yep, that should do it.

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Bear Grylls Survival Fire Starter

bear grylls survival fire starterFire is nothing new, cavemen figured out how to make it – but it’s amazing how helpless you can be in the woods without a match. That’s where the Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter by Gerber Knives comes in. Highly portable and dependable, this compact fire starter creates sparks via ferrocerium rod and metal striker and there even is a waterproof storage compartment for tinder. Other perks include an emergency whistle, cub-scout-esque lanyard, and Bear Grylls survival guide.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Set

victorinox Swiss Army Knife setIf you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, check out this Victorinox Swiss Army Knife set that comes with two Swiss Army pocket knives. The 3-1/2-Inch Swiss Army Ranger features more than 20 useful stainless steel tools and the 2-1/4-Inch classic pocket knife¬†with seven tools. Both are perfect for hiking, camping, or just having for handy for when you need a blade or tool. Best of all the set is currently 59% off!

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Coleman 3 Person Tent

The common excuse for not going camping is, “I don’t have a tent.” Getting outdoors for the weekend can do wonders to clear your head and reset your batteries, so buying some camping gear is a worthwhile investment. This Coleman SunDome 3 Person tent will comfortably sleep three campers on it’s 7′x7′ floor area. It only weighs 8 pounds, making it easy to carry along to your campsite if some hiking is required. It’s two pole dome design allows for a ten minute setup – so you’ll be able to quickly create a shelter if rain clouds start threatening your adventure.

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