Woodford Reserve Bourbon

I never considered myself much of a bourbon drinker, but after trying some Woodford Reserve – I may be changing that. During LBJ’s time in the White House, Congress passed a resolution declaring bourbon “a distinct product of the United States.” Not only does Woodford Reserve meet all the strict criteria required to be called a bourbon, but they also craft their product in small batches ensuring quality. I was fortunate enough to attend a Woodford Reserve tasting event where I had their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey infused with vanilla, in an old fashioned, and on the rocks. All were quite tasty, but straight up on the rocks was my favorite. When something tastes good, don’t mess with it!

On The “Rocks” Whiskey Stones

If you’re trying to look uber manly in front of guests, pour straight whiskey over some whiskey stones. The basic idea is – ice melts and dilutes your drink, whereas stones don’t. All you need to do is throw the whiskey stones in the freezer and when added to your booze, they’ll chill things down a bit.  Of course, it also works with Scotch and Bourbon. If you want to look manly and cool – toss the whiskey stones into a Roly Poly Whiskey Glass. Either way, you’re drink will literally be on the rocks…

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