The Snake Bite Bottle Opener

snake bite bottle opener
We got a tip for yet another cool Kickstarter project – The Snake Bite Bottle Opener. This bottle opener stands apart with its forked design that also allows you to “bite” a can of beer, creating vents for smoother pouring and drinking. With all materials domestically sourced and assembled in St. Louis, Missouri, the product is also 100% USA Made. I guess we’re not the only ones that thought it was cool – the project was 100% funded in just 30 hours, and there’s still time for you to participate.


Brew Cutlery

brew cutlery
Today we bring you another neat KICKSTARTER project, Brew Cutlery. Brew Cutlery conveniently combines elegant cutlery with a flawless bottle opener so you never have to search for an opener again. It’s a simple idea, but these utensils will cover all your needs for enjoying great food and your favorite bottled beers.



keylayer keycase multitool
Keylayer is a nifty little leather key case with a simple multi-tool that is currently raising funds for development on Kickstarter. The case can hold 3-5 keys and will keep them from rattling and poking you in your pocket. Fold out the integrated multi-tool and you’ll have a bottle opener, screw driver, mini pry bar, hex bolt wrench, and ruler at your disposal.

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Brew Clip

brew clip

We never grow tired of indie-designed wallets and bottle openers that are fundraising on Kickstarter, and the Brew Clip is a great combo of both items. The thin profile Brew Clip can slip into your front pocket and will hold your cards and cash securely while housing the ready to use bottle opener. Just slide the integrated opener out of the rigid frame and crack open your favorite brew.


Fulcro Credit Card Bottle Opener

porstmith co fulcro credit card bottle opener

If you thought Portsmith Co.’s CINCH Wallet Kickstarter project was cool, check out their minimalist Fulcro Credit Card Bottle Opener. Made out of stainless steel and the size of a traditional credit card, this bottle opener will go great with your CINCH wallet or regular wallet. The CINCH Kickstarter project has only 33 hours left at the time of this writing, but if you pledge you can receive this slick opener.

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Beer Claw Bottle Opener


This is the third bottle-opening related Kickstarter project we’ve posted recently, but eager beer drinking entrepreneurs keep reaching out to us – and they continue to be cool and innovative. The Beer Claw is an ergonomic yet sturdy beer bottle opener made from aircraft-grade aluminum and also is available in additional variations – Beer Claw Mini, Beer Claw Light, Beer Claw Elite (shown above with it’s walnut grip).

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Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener

old familiar comb bottle opener kickstarter project

We came across another cool Kickstarter project, the Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener. Pretty simple as invention goes, but it may be the ultimate hipster accessory. Designed by a “beer drinking barber” this stainless steel comb also functions as, you guessed it, a bottle opener. Also check out the JackHawk 9000 Bottle Opening Sunglasses.

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JackHawk 9000 Bottle Opening Sunglasses

jackhawk 9000 bottle opener sunglasses

If you’re drinking some suds in the sun, you can kill two birds with one stone by wearing a pair of JackHawk 9000 Bottle Opening Sunglasses. Currently a Kickstarter project raising money for tooling and manufacturing costs, these polarized wayfarer-style shades are made with lightweight titanium – enabling them to be wearable yet, strong enough to open a beer bottle without damaging the glasses. These cool and innovative sunglasses are planned to hit the market for $90 and thanks to LiftLuxe for the tip on this cool project.

Bullet Bottle Opener

There are always moments when you need a bottle opener, and you have to carry your keys on a daily basis – so you might as well have a cool bottle opening keychain. The uber manly MadeByAmmo Bullet bottle opener is made in the U.S.A. using premium-grade stainless steel. Whether you use it as a stand alone opener or keychain – the rugged Bullet bottle opener will easily open your favorite brew, last forever, and also make for a great guy gift.

GET IT: $35