Teeling Whiskey

Teeling Whiskey Single Grain
The Teeling family whiskey heritage dates back to the distilling in Dublin in 1782 when Walter Teeling set up a distillery in the Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties. Their award winning Single Grain Whiskey is now available in the US and we had the pleasure of trying some. Teeling Single Grain is one of only a handful of single grain bottlings in the world. It uses a completely unique maturation process fully maturing the whiskey in Californian red wine barrels. The whiskey is made by combining unique ingredients, with maize/corn dominating and uses modern column distillation to produce the whiskey, which is exceptionally clean and smooth with a touch of sweetness. Give it a try this St. Patrick’s Day!

Craft Cocktails by Mantry

craft cocktails from the mantry

Artisinal-Food-of-the-Month-Club Mantry launched a Kickstarter for their new delivery product, Craft Cocktails at Home. Inside the crate you’ll find top-shelf American Made small batch mixers and a recipe book to put them to use. The four signature cocktails consist of a Bacon Bloody Mary, Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned, Siberian Fir Vodka Rickey, and a Spiced Gin & Tonic. If you’re a fan of spirits and the finer things in life, treat yourself to a box.


Voli Vodka

Voli Vodka
We would expect a guy like Pitbull to know his Vodka, and based on trying a bottle of his original Voli – our expectations were met. Produced in France, this 5-times distilled Vodka made with superior French Wheat is both smooth and light. Voli Vodka is also available in infused flavors including lemon, orange vanilla, raspberry cocoa, espresso vanilla, and mango coconut. More info at VoliVodka.com

Plus, here’s a World Cup inspired recipe:

The Yellow Card

1 ½ oz Voli Original vodka
1 oz mango juice
¾ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
½ oz honey
Shake and strain into rocks glass
Garnished with lemon and lime peels

Oh, and thanks for the bottle Pitbull!

Tipsy Scoop Liquor-Infused Ice Cream

tipsy scoop liquor infused ice cream

For those of you with a better half, it’s that time of year again where you need to figure out what you’re doing for the made up Hallmark Holiday that is Valentine’s Day. If you’ll be spending it in NYC area, give Manhattan based Tipsy Scoop a try. With their boozy liquor-infused ice cream delivery service, you and your lady can enjoy a romantic nightcap and dessert in one (we’re not helping you with the rest of your plans, sorry). After trying some samples, we can say it was very tasty, fresh, and definitely gets the buzz on. Even if you don’t have V-DAY plans, check out our friends at Tipsy Scoop for your next NY party as well!


Skull Ice Cube Mold

skull ice mold
Although we already posted some Booze-Themed Holiday Gift Ideas, we didn’t want you last minute shoppers to miss out on this awesome stocking stuffer – the Skull Ice Cube Mold. Drinking some hooch on the rocks is always manly, but adding a giant skull ice cube to your drink will add an extra dash of fun.

GET IT: $12


Rolling Stones Crystal Head Vodka 50th Anniversary Set

rolling stones 50th anniversary crystal head
If your dad likes Vodka and The Rolling Stones, we think we found the perfect Father’s Day gift. The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Set includes a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka and a 2-disc live compilation CD that spans the five decades that the Stones have been rocking. The set comes in a custom display case and also includes a crystal bottle decanter top that is engraved in The Rolling Stones famous tongue logo. If you’re not familiar with the booze, Crystal Head Vodka is an award winning purified Canadian Vodka co-founded by actor Dan Aykryod. $100, more info at crystalheadvodka.com.


The Noble Beer Margarita


Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party in the near future or trying to outdo last year’s Super Bowl party this Sunday – impress your guests with The Noble Beer Margarita. Our friends from Casa Noble Tequila shared this fun recipe:

2 OZ. Casa Noble Crystal
Your favorite 6.5 OZ bottle of beer

Place ice in glass. Add in tequila and fill with lemonade. Tip beer bottle inside the glass.

Whiskey Ball Ice Molds

A sphere of ice has more volume and less surface area of an ice cube which means it melts slower – which also means you can enjoy your scotch on the rocks longer. The Whiskey Ball Ice Mold creates 2.5″ diameter ice balls perfect for cooling down your favorite beverage, which we’re assuming is alcoholic.

GET IT: $24 (set of 2)

Redneck Red Cup Wine Glass


If you’re looking for a great gag gift for a party-goer, meet the Redneck Red Cup Wine Glass. This red cup on glass stem exudes both class and sophistication, and as the product description states: “virtually unbreakable melamine construction means this cup will survive any party.”

GET IT: $18