Chef’s Cut Real Steak Jerky

chefs cut real steak jerky
We were taught as kids to not take candy from strangers, but what about beef jerky? While out with the ladyfriend enjoying a cocktail, a conversation struck up with another watering hole patron who happened to be brand rep for Chef’s Cut and offered us a sample. We’d never heard of the brand, and it seemed a bit odd to try meat from a random guy – but the package was sealed, so it seemed within reason to give it a whirl (she made me take the first bite)! Gotta say, the stuff was delicious and some friends I shared it with later also agreed. Made with Certified Angus Beef, Chef’s Cut’s Real Steak Jerky operates like a fine steak house in that it only uses choice cuts and natural ingredients – which really translates to great taste. Check out their original recipe and they also make a zesty Chipotle flavor as well as Turkey and Chicken Jerky.

Thanks, Bro – Beer and Beef Jerky Delivery

Sometimes your buddies do you big favors – Help you move, throw you an unmentionable bachelor party, bail you out of jail, etc. But how do you reward that kind of friendship without seeming extremely bromantic? The guys at “Thanks, Bro” think they have it figured out. Offering personalized beer and beef jerky delivery in the Manhattan area, you can say thank you like a man with a gift that any guy will appreciate. Next time someone does you a real solid, send some suds and salted meat their way.