Surf Grass Mat

surf grass mat

A trip to the beach used to also mean a trip home in a sandy car – but the Surf Grass Mat is here to change that. The Surf Grass Mat is 20 x 25 inches of high quality synthetic turf, and the mat’s supportive and soft bristles of turf work to dust off any dirt, sand, or particles that may have accumulated on your feet. Perfect on surfing and camping trips, it makes for an excellent changing mat that’ll also protect the cleanliness of your vehicle and/or home. Plus, it’s easily rolled up and secured with the integrated velcro strap.


Oakley Boardshorts

When you’re at the beach or pool, you’re only wearing one thing – so it might as well look good. Oakley makes a large assortment of quality bathing suits and these¬†Reimage Boardshorts will¬†certainly do the trick. The lightweight, comfortable, and quick drying hydrophobic material makes these shorts wearable all day, and the zip fly and pockets make them practical as well.

GET IT: $45-$60


Summer is near and many of you are probably planning that annual vacation to the beach. Alcoholic beverages, bikini-clad women, relaxation, and of course bodyboarding.

But as fun as riding a wave on that boogie board might be, paddling back out there is not nearly as entertaining. Unless of course you have your own personal water propulsion engine. Simply attach a WaveJet to a variety of watercraft (such as kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, etc.), and enjoy the ride.

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C.G.Searles Photography

I’ve been told a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why I’m going to write a thousand of them and we’ll compare to the picture above. Just kidding. With a wide variety of landscape photography, Chris Searles taps into the beauty of America. From the Gold Coast of Long Island to the bright blue waters of the pacific, he truly captures something for everyone. He keeps things simple in his work but uses his creative eye to portray life across the United States. His portfolio ranges from beach shots, to mountain ranges, to bison roaming in grassy plains, to red rock arches rising up from the desert sand and everything in between. If you ever find yourself walking the streets of Northport Village on Long Island, be sure to stop in at his gallery to see his work first hand.