Sunglasses Mirror

sunglasses wall mirror

Add a little flair to your bachelor pad decor with this fun-yet-functional Sunglasses Wall Mirror. Measuring 40″ wide, it’s sure to make a statement and add character wherever you hang it. Plus, hanging a mirror in place of conventional art can really help make a small room feel larger.

GET IT: $229

Le Taureau Brass Wall Hook

Like our recent post on the Qlipter, the Le Taureau is another simple, yet cool Kickstarter project that’ll help you hang your stuff. Made of solid brass this bull shaped hook will last as long as whatever you screw it into – Plus, it will add a little subtle masculine flair and machismo to your bachelor pad decor.


Air Releaf Plants

air releaf plantsEvery interior can benefit from the aesthetic touch of a house plant – even a bachelor pad (plus it’ll show your “nurturing” side when chicks come over). While decorating may seem to be the only “function” of some greenery in your home, think again.  Air specializes in indoor plants that are proven to remove toxins and purify the air. NASA has identified the threat of indoor pollution over two decades ago and toxin attacking plants were part of their solution. I just ordered an Air Releaf plant and despite the cold weather and shipping it arrived in perfect shape, now if I can just remember to water it…

Dyson Bladeless Fan

For the tech savvy bachelor pad that has everything, here’s a futuristic fan. The Dyson “Air Multiplier” fan line generates a smooth uninterrupted airflow without any fan blades. When I first saw one, I couldn’t help but stare at it and poke at it for a while to try and figure out where the air was even coming from. Cool looking, safe to the touch, and quiet – it’ probably the only fan that can be considered awesome. The rest are just fans.

GET IT: $239

Men’s Silk Robe

Taking a cue from leading ladies man Hugh Hefner, all Don Juans should have a nice robe handy in their bachelor pad. Even when you’re not entertaining the females, there’s few things less enjoyable than a comfortable robe accompanied by a nice glass of scotch. This 100% silk robe from Intimo is crisp, luxurious, and features two cutaway pockets and one chest pocket. Put it on and you’ll feel like king of the castle in no time.

GET IT: $128

Wine Cork Coasters

Coasters help protect your furniture, but they also offer an easy way to add some style and flare to a coffee or end table. You and your guests can place your favorite drinks on these wine-cork-filled wooden coasters. A simple purchase like this can go a long way when pouring a nightcap for a lovely lady. As we’ve said in a previous post, “it’s all in the presentation.” This set of four coasters is also unisex, so it makes for a nice inexpensive gift for a friend or relative of any gender – but we recommend for the bachelor pad as well.

GET IT: $24

The Big Book of Breasts

We upset one reader when we posted The Big Butt Book, but for those who are interested in what the front looks like – we bring you The Big Book of Breasts. The contents of this large 420 page boobalicious book are pretty self-explanatory and we’re sure most men will thoroughly enjoy it. Learn the history of our obsession with breasts and say no to silicone with these natural female beauties.  Both The Big Butt Book and The Big Book of Breasts will make for interesting conversation starters on a bachelor pad coffee table.

GET IT: $60