Calibur Prints

calibur prints winchester 1894
We got a tip for another cool Kickstarter project, Calibur Prints: Reloaded. This new run of artwork from Calibur Prints feature fully detailed and scaled breakdowns of classic firearms. The Reloaded set includes the Winchester 1894, Colt Python, B.A.R., and Mossberg 500. Each of the 4 designs are going to be printed on 19″x27″ 10pt cardstock with a matte finish – which will tastefully adorn your bachelor pad with some legendary weapons.

calibur prints colt python


Wes Anderson Tribute Prints

wes anderson tribute print life aquatic

Spoke-Art currently has a great collection of Wes Anderson Tribute Prints. These collectible designs were created by several artists and feature the bazaar and lovelable characters from a span of Anderson films including The Life Aquatic, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom.

wes anderson tribute print moonrise kingdom


Alex Ross Mythology Series

alex ross limited edition mythology series comic canvas printsOdds are, you wish you were in San Diego at Comic-Con right now if you’re a huge comic book fan, and you’ll probably dig these prints too. KULT Studio is offering the entire set of museum-quality framed suprehero canvas prints from the Alex Ross “Mythology” series, which was on display at the Warhol. Characters include Batman, The Joker, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Catwoman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash. Very limited quantities are available and they start at $400.

Peter Lik Photography

Peter Lik is an Australian adventurer who’s taken pictures all over the world. His cityscape and landscape photos are truly remarkable which is why he’s sold over $200M of his work in his career. While online viewing of his photos can be easily appreciated, seeing them in person is where they really shine. The special finish and Silver Halide Fuji Crystal Archive paper they are printed on make the photos look like they are backlit (they’re not). Depending on the brightness of the room, the photos take on a different feel – so it’s always slightly unique every time you look at it.

more info on his website


Eazywallz’: Sounds like some sort of DIY project in applying Sheetrock, right? Well, not quite. Easywallz are straightforward, easy-to-install (or says the manufacturer), and durable and transform plain ole’ white (or any other passe colour) walls into life-size murals. Easywallz apply to the wall via a proprietary adhesive solution; they’re constructed of thin, woven fabric (of which apes an actual artist’s canvas) and are completely (again, according to the good folks of Easy Wallz) wrinkle- and rip-resistant. The gorgeous murals are even….

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