SunJack Portable Solar Charger

sunjack portable solar usb charger
When we first heard of the SunJack Charger, we thought it was a great idea, and after using it for a few weeks – we can now also say it was intelligently executed. The concept of using solar power isn’t new, but the SunJack is an easy and affordable way to harness the sun and refuel your electronic USB devices. The four solar panels in the 14W unit we tested conveniently fold up into a case about the size of an iPad – and the case folds, loops, and provided carabiner clips make it super easy to align the SunJack with the direction of sunlight, regardless of what you have to available to prop the unit with. Perfect for camping, hiking, long days at the beach, or simply charging your phone at home – the SunJack battery can fill 4 iPhone charges after being exposed to just 5 hours of sunlight. Plus, we experienced charging times very comparable to using a standard wall charger. We also tested their optional USB LED light, which is a great addition for evening excursions, power outages, and campgrounds. Learn more about SunJack products at

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