Acura NSX

2016 acura nsx supercar

Manufactured by Honda, The Acura NSX shook up the sports car world in 1990 when it rivaled the performance of cars built by companies such as Porsche and Ferrari. Using lightweight aluminum and titanium to reduce curb weight, the car was powered by a high revving mid-mounted VTEC V6. Fun fact: F1 driver Aryton Senna was involved with the development and convinced Honda to stiffen the chassis during testing. All around, the results were outstanding and the NSX continued to be produced relatively unchanged until 2005. In 2015 expect to see the new Acura NSX start hitting US shores (most likely as a 2016 model) and also prepare for innovation. Powered once again by a mid-mounted V6, the new NSX will also have an electric motor incorporated into the dual-clutch transmission similar to Formula 1 cars – plus it’ll have two electric motors up front that will power the front wheels. Yes, it’s a hybrid. Expect the base price to be around $110k, performance to be awesome, and let’s all hope it looks very similar to the current concept vehicle.

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