Recon 6 Survival Watch

recon 6 survival watch

We got a tip for yet another cool Kickstarter project, the Recon 6 Survival Watch by Ralston. Not only does the rugged watch tell time, but it also contains a compass, signal mirror, can opener, fire starter, whistle, cutting tool, fishing line, and flash light. Essentially, it has all the basic survival items stashed around your wrist. It’s also a cool looking watch for when you’re not braving the elements.


Stay Cooler

Ahhh, it’s summertime! What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with a nice cold adult beverage? Problem is, not everywhere you go to enjoy the sun will have a fridge nearby, so here are some awesome coolers to keep your drinks frosty this summer:

20 Gallon Stainless Steel Rolling Party Cooler: $199

rolling party cooler

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair: $55 (45% OFF)

tommy bahama backpack cooler chair

Backyard Resin Wicker Cooler
backyard resin wicker cooler

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler: $13
inflatable palm tree cooler

Motorized Cooler Scooter: $710
motorized cooler scooter

Amazon Fire Phone

amazon fire phone

Partnered with AT&T, Amazon will be in a player in the smartphone market come July 25th with the Amazon Fire Phone. The 4.7″ HD display is powered by a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM and the phone has a 13 MP camera. One of the key distinct features is Dynamic Perspective, a custom-designed sensor system that responds to how you hold, view, and move your phone. Firefly, which is basically like Shazam for everything, allows you to press a button that’ll identify and take action (i.e. purchase) on music, movies, tv shows, phone numbers, web addresses, household items, books, and more. The phone also comes with a free membership to Amazon Prime and lets you stream content seamlessly from your phone to your big screen if you also have Amazon Fire TV.


Voli Vodka

Voli Vodka
We would expect a guy like Pitbull to know his Vodka, and based on trying a bottle of his original Voli – our expectations were met. Produced in France, this 5-times distilled Vodka made with superior French Wheat is both smooth and light. Voli Vodka is also available in infused flavors including lemon, orange vanilla, raspberry cocoa, espresso vanilla, and mango coconut. More info at

Plus, here’s a World Cup inspired recipe:

The Yellow Card

1 ½ oz Voli Original vodka
1 oz mango juice
¾ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
½ oz honey
Shake and strain into rocks glass
Garnished with lemon and lime peels

Oh, and thanks for the bottle Pitbull!

Bloodhound SCC – The 1000 MPH Car


Driver Andy Green is planning to break the world land speed record in 2016 with the Bloodhound SCC and hit a terrifying 1,000 mph. While this will be the world’s fastest car, it’s really a missile on wheels when you consider how it’s powered. Together, the EJ200 jet engine and Nammo hybrid rockets produce around 210 kN (21 tonnes) of thrust, equivalent to 135,000 thrust hp, or 180 F1 cars! Rolex designed two custom instruments, a speedometer and chonograph to withstand the extreme g-forces and vibrations the car will experience while accelerating, decelerating and going 1,000 friggin’ miles per hour! The vehicle has hi-tech electronic controls and gauges, but akin to the analog Rolex instruments it also has manual backups for everything to ensure the car can be stopped safely from high speeds. Better safe than sorry when you’re cruising at Mach 1.4.

take a look inside the cockpit with this video…



Patriotic American Flag Sunglasses

american flag sunglasses
It’s a little late to order them for USA’s match in the World Cup tonight, but you can still be patriotic in time for the 4th of July with these American Flag Sunglasses. At only $12 for a 4-pack, you can get all ‘Merican with three of your friends in these red white and blue wayfarer style shades for under a Jackson – and unlike authentic Wayfarer’s, you won’t fret much if someone loses a pair during the independence day festivities.

GET IT: $12 (4-Pack)

Trailer | Dumb and Dumber To

It may have been 20 years since their adventure to Aspen, but Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) are back and dumber than ever in Dumb and Dumber To . From the trailer it looks like it’ll be a little more slapstick and a little less witty than the original, but at least the Mutt Cutts Shaggin’ Wagon is back. Hitting theaters November 14th.


Dream Home | Port Andratx Spain

Port Andratx Spain home
This week’s Dream Home has Mediterranean Sea views in Port Andratx Spain. The property of the home features a large swimming pool and views of the harbor, mountains and sea – making the scenery of this rustic home hard to beat. It’s not uncomfortable inside either, with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 4,090 Sq. Ft. of living space, there’s plenty of room for you and your guests. It may cost $3.3M, but the furniture is included. See the listing.
Port Andratx Spain pool
Port Andratx Spain interior


Sauces of Summer

Spice things up this summer with some succulent sauces. Here’s a variety of BBQ and Hot Sauces to kick it up a notch. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce $13 (2-pack), Cholula Hot Sauce $21 (2-pack), Huy Fong Sriracha Chili Sauce $7, Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce $17 (2-pack)